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Front programming

When I surf around Internet it makes me having contradictorial feelings... I see iframes, popups, tables everywhere, webs with music and animated gifs!?!? ... and I know that i will need to work hundreds of lifes to fix all this mess.

Back Programming

In all the places I've worked I have realised how important is that part of the web that no one sees but everyone senses (because of the loading times of the web, because of the security or maybe the errors,...). So please: dont tell me that everything is so easy that it can be made in 5 minutes!!!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This means how easy they find you in Internet. It requires a programmer part and another more social. If you imagine that Google is a person... do you think it will like your page? (not because of the colors or images, but because of the loading time, structure, importance in the social platforms...)


What does it mean? Simply that I love to create my own things and ideas


And over all this things and more important I try to play the ukelele!! (Don't ask me to perform a song)

Who am I?


I'm just a telecomunication engineer in a world of entrepreneurs and programmers. Why I have decided this bussiness life instead of a consultant and confortable one? Maybe because I have need of creating stuff. I will create maybe a hundred things that don't succeed, but faith is the last thing that I will lost.

What are my passions? Ummmm, if you know something that is eternal what would you do? Maybe going to a remote place and just help others is an option, or maybe being a sound tecnic or making webs. Just read John 3.16 in a book called Bible and you will know.

Nerdy Skills (Years I have worked in every aspect)

  • PHP 5 years
  • Yii (MVC framework in PHP)1 year
  • Codeigniter (MVC framework in PHP)1 year
  • Cakephp (MVC framework in PHP)4 years
  • HTML5 / CSS3 4 years
  • Wordpress / CMS3 years
  • jQuery3 years
  • Java2 years
  • Prestashop (Shop in smarty, PHP)2 years
  • Search Engine Optimzation1 year
  • Design 0